Foreign Trade

The data sets are constructed by Timur Valetov
Financed by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research №16-01-50123
The web page is a part of a major project on Russian Empire historical statistics

The project is devoted to the Russian Empire foreign trade statistics and covers the entire period of its official publication (1802-1917).

The Russian Empire foreign trade statistics is based on statistical yearbooks which started to be published since the yearbook of 1802. It is hard to say much about the preceeding period; some scattered data is published, and the statistics for total Russian exports and imports in 1742-1797 were published by St.Petersburg academician H.Storch, but nothing is known about his source of information.

The yearbook was published annually until 1915 (the same statistics for 1916-1917 exists in preliminary publications published in 1918-1919). The yearbooks present the detailed statistics of high quality, but it is tough to study: we speak about dozens of volumes, each of them is a bibliographic rarity, it is possible to find only at the largest libraries, and it seems that the full entire complex of these yearbooks is available at the National Library of Russia in St.Petersburg. In 1902 a statistical study was published (edited by V.I.Pokrovsky) with an appendix of dynamic series on Russian foreign trade statistics since 1802. It is widely used by historians, but its time series naturally go up to the last years of the 19th century (1897). It is also worth to say that this edition lacks an important set of the statistics devoted to the bilateral trade of Russia to other countries (this important issue was only planned, but was not published). We do now continue the datasets until 1917, and provide the online access. The project is proceeded mostly in Russian, but we translate the principle tables headings into English too.


Exports in «principle goods». Value in rubles, 1802-1917 (Eng) Download

Imports in «principle goods». Value in rubles, 1802-1917 (Eng) Download

Trade of gold and silver in coins and ingots. 1802-1907 (Rus) Download

Exports in «principle goods». Weight, 1896-1917 (Eng) Download

Imports in «principle goods». Weight, 1896-1917 (Eng) Download

Trade in the trade goods of additional list. (Value in rubles and Weight), 1896-1917 (Rus) Download

Total exports from Russia to different countries, 1827-1917 (Eng) Download

Total imports to Russia from different countries, 1827-1917 (Eng) Download

Russo-Chinese Trade through Kyakhta. 1792-1850 (Rus) Download

Total customs income. 1822-1917 (Rus) Download

Annual data on exports and imports in all the registered goods (in Russian)

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