Departments of the Faculty of History

    The Faculty of History at Moscow State University is divided into fourteen departments.  Each department is made up of faculty members whose academic specializations, research interests and expertise correspond to specific periods, geographic regions, socio-cultural phenomenon, or sub-disciplines of historical science.  Owing to the fact that each department functions as an independent academic unit under the administration of the Faculty of History, course and degree requirements may vary according to specialization.

Russian History up to the beginning of the 19th Century History of Social Movements and Political Parties in Russia
Russian History of the 19th and early 20th Centuries Southern and Western Slavic History
Russian History of the 20th Century Ethnology
Source Studies of Russian and Soviet History Archaeology
Ancient History History of Russian Art
History of the Middle Ages General History of Art
Modern and Contemporary History of European and American Countries Historical Information Science
Church History History of the New Independent States

   Additionally, the Department of History houses two departments devoted to language education. All students of the History Faculty are required to meet minimum standards of language proficiency in both modern and ancient languages.