Department of Modern and Contemporary History of European and American Countries

Detailed information

Department Head: Professor L.S.Belousov.

The department incorporates the Centre for American Studies.

The history of West European and American countries from mid-Seventeenth Century to the present is studied and taught in the department. Students are trained in the following sections:

  • France, Italy, Greece

  • Great Britain, Canada

  • Spain, Portugal, Latin America

  • the USA

  • Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Hungary, Scandinavian countries

  • Political Studies

  • The history and theory of international relations

The main fields of research and specialization for students of the department are as follows:

  • Modern and Contemporary Social and Economic History of European and American Countries

  • Political History of European and American Countries, History of Social Thought, Intellectual and Cultural Life

  • Political Processes in European and American Countries, Institutions of Authority and their Functioning, Social and Political Models of European and American Countries

  • Foreign Policy of European and American Countries, its Formation and Execution, Problems of Colonialism

  • Cultural History of European and American Countries

  • History of International Relations: Systems of International Relations, World Wars, International Political Crises

  • Theory of International Relations; Military Power, Ideology, Character of States as Factors Influencing International Relations

  • Problems of the Evolution of the World Economy, Integration Processes and the Functioning of International Organizations

  • Variations within the Social, Economic, Partisan, and Political Development of Modern and Contemporary Latin American Countries