Department of Archaeology

Detailed information

Department Head: Professor V.L.Yanin, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The department incorporates the Centres for Metallographic and Spectral Analysis, a Photographic Centre, and a Research Museum.

The main fields of research and specialization for students of the department are as follows:

  • Relics of the Upper Paleolithic Era

  • Archaeology of Human Environments

  • The Stone Age and Early Bronze Age in Eurasia

  • Metallography in Archaeology

  • Applications of Quantitative Analysis in Archaeology

  • Morphology of Antiquities

  • Special Methods of Archaeological Research

  • History of Ancient Industries

  • The Pre-Scythian Period in the Northern Black Sea Region and Northern Caucasus

  • History and Culture of Scythia Minor

  • Scythian Animal Art

  • Scythia of Herodotus and Scythia of Atheius

  • Archaeology of the Ancient World and the Barbaric Periphery of the Northern Black Sea Region

  • Archaeology of Siberia and the Far East

  • Archaeology of Ancient Russian Towns

  • Burial Mounds of Ancient Russia

  • Moslem Archaeology

  • Russian Sphragistics

  • Medieval Russian Coins

  • Archaeology of Moscow

The Academic program of the Department of Archaeology is founded on the combination of lecture courses on historical and theoretical topics, practical training in the form of field investigations, and photographic treatment of archaeological sites, architecture, artifacts and related materials.