Department of Southern and Western Slavic History

Detailed information

Department Head: Professor G.F.Matveev.

The main fields of research and specialization for students of the department cover the period from the Seventh to the Twentieth Centuries. They include the history of:

  • State Systems and State Institutions

  • Political Processes, Relations, Parties and Organizations; Political Thought

  • Economic Processes, the Reformation and Counter-Reformation

  • Churches, the Interaction of World Religions in Slavic Regions, Heresies

  • Social Thought

  • Traditional and Modern Cultures, Education, International Relations and the Place of the Slavic States in International Relations

  • Relations of Slavic Peoples with their Neighbors

  • Interslavic Relations

  • History of Slavic Studies

  • Slavic and Russian Emigration in Slavic Countries

  • Methodology of Ethno-Historical Studies