Department of Russian History to the beginning of the Nineteenth Century

Detailed information

Department Head: Professor N.S.Borisov.

The main fields of research and specialization for students of the department are as follows:

  • The Social and Economic Development of Russia (from Antiquity to the Late 18th Century)

    * The Evolution of Landownership
    * The History of Rural Settlements
    * Urban History
    * Social History (Peasantry, Nobility. Merchants, Clergy)
    * Early Capitalism in Russia
    * Quantitative Methods of Research in Social and Economic History

  • The Social and Political Development of Russia

    * Political History of Pre-Mongol Russia
    * Political Struggle in the Period of the Formation of the Russian Centralized State
    * Absolutist Monarchy in Russia
    * Political Development in the Seventeenth-Eighteenth Centuries
    * State and Society
    * State and Church
    * Russia's Turkic Population

  • Historical and Cultural Processes in Russia

    * The Culture of Ancient Rus
    * Intellectual History of the Principality of Moscow
    * History of Russian Culture and Social Thought in the Sixteenth-Eighteenth Centuries
    * The Russian Orthodox Church
    * The Role of Islam in Russian History

  • Historiography and Source Studies

    * Textology
    * Quantitative Methods of Studying Narrative Sources
    * Basic Problems of the Historiography of Feudalism in Russia
    * Central Asia and Turkic Nations in Russian Historiography