Department of General Art History

Detailed information

Department Head: Associate Professor I.I.Tuchkov.

The main fields of research and specialization for students of the department are as follows:

  • Ancient Oriental Art and the Art of Ancient Central Asia and Transcaucasian Countries

  • Ancient Art: The Art of Greece and Rome; the Black Sea Region in Antiquity

  • Medieval Art in Western and Eastern Europe

  • Byzantine Art and its Links with Ancient Russian Art

  • Art of the Far East, South Asia and the Middle East; Buddhist and Islamic Art

  • Art of the Renaissance

  • Western European Art of the Seventeenth-Eighteenth Centuries

  • Western European Art of the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries

  • Western Art in the Twentieth Century; Modern Art and Artistic Culture; the Interactions between European and Russian Art in the Twentieth Century

  • Art Theory; Art and Aesthetics

  • Methodology of Art Studies

  • History and Theory of Art Restoration and Preservation

  • Museum Studies; History of Art Collecting

The academic program includes the study of Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Graphics, Decorative and Applied Art, History of Costume and Theatrical Scenery, as well as the theoretical problems of Design.