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Dr. Andrei Volodin

A. Volodin

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NB! Piketty's 'Capital' is available in Russian (translated by Alexander Dunaev, edited by Andrei Volodin. ., 2015). ToC; Ozon.ru; Labirint.ru.

Associate professor in Historical Information Science Department of the History Faculty MSU. Doctoral degree in Russian social history (2006). Member of the Council of the History Faculty, member of European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH), memeber of Economic History Association (EHA, USA), member of European Historical Economics Society (EHES), member of Association for "History & Computing", member of "Economicheskaya istoriya. Obozrenie" editorial board (Centre for economic history edition — Economic History Review). Executive secretary of History session of international annual conference «Lomonosov». Administrator of scholar listserv «History & humanities News» (in Russian).

On the staff of the History Faculty from 2003. Field of research and interest - global labour history, digital history, Russian social and economic history, world modern and contemporary history, educational design.

Director of "E-learning in History" program.

Prizes in history: 1-st degree diploma of young researchers competition (VIII conference of Russian Association for "History&Computing"; 2002); rectorial diploma for the best paper during conference «Lomonosov-2002»; Research Design Course-ESTER diploma (European graduate School for Training in Economic and social-historical Research, 2003); 1-st degree diploma and medal of I-th All-Russian Conference in honour of S.F.Platonov (2003), 3-rd degree diploma of young researchers competition (X conference of Russian Association for "History&Computing"; 2006). Russian President's research grant laureate (2004-2005).

E-mail: volodin @ hist.msu.ru;  AndreiVolodin;  AndreiVolodin; Andrei Volodin's personal website.

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