Department of Modern and Contemporary History of European and American Countries

The department's teachers read two yearlong intro courses: "modern history of European and American countries" and "contemporary history of European and American countries".

Students majoring in the department are required to take courses in source studies of modern and contemporary history, historiography, historical geography, and mathematical statistics. Courses on the history of the country selected for specialization are obligatory. Specialization is possible in the history of: the United States of America, Great Britain, France, Germany, countries of Latin America, Spain and Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Scandinavian countries. For a specialization in "the history and theory of international relations" the following course is required: "the formation and development of the system in international relations", for a specialization in "political science", the courses "intro to political science" and "the history of political doctrines".

Over the last 10 years, more than 50 various special courses on the history of individual countries, on issues of general history, and on international relations (for example, V.S.Bondarchuk's course "the spiritual world of Europe XVII-XVIII cc.") have been conducted. Among the courses on the history of France - "from Thermidor to Brumer: the evolution of public consciousness and political life" (D.Y.Bovykin), "Gaulism: ideology and politics" (N.N.Naumova), "the French monarchy at the end of 'the Ancient Regime': the people, ideas, and institutes" (L.A.Pimenova), "sources of French liberalism" (A.V.Tyrsenko). The following courses on the history of Great Britain are offered: "contemporary English ideology and culture" (N.M.Meshcheryakova), "English-Russian literary connections and shared influences in the era of romanticism" (E.A.Makarova), the fundamental problems of the socio-economic history of Great Britain in the first half of the 20th century" (S.A.Solov'ev). Students are offered the following course on the history of Italy: "Italian Enlightenment" (V.S.Bondarchuk), "Political Science aspects of the heritage of A.Gramshi" (I.V.Grigor'eva), "the political system of fascist Italy" (L.S.Belousov). Specialists in German history offer the courses "the history of the German Democratic Republic (GDR)" (A.Y.Vatlin), "the ideology of German national-socialism" (A.I.Patrushev), "daily life in Germany in the period of national-socialism (1933-1939)" (T.Y.Timofeeva); on the history of Spain: "the difficult of democracy: the political systems of Spain and Portugal", "Spanish foreign policy in the postwar period" (N.V.Kirsanova), "Spanish culture XVII-XVIII cc.: baroque and Renaissance," "common and special in the Spanish and Russian Enlightenment" (E.E.Litavrina). A number of classes are devoted to the history of Latin American countries: "Chile: problems of modernization 1960s-1990s." (A.I.Stroganov), "Populist tendencies in Latin American political life 1940s-1990s" (O.N.Dokuchaeva).

An extensive block of special courses offered in the department is devoted to international relations: "history of contemporary international relations" (V.N.Gorokhov), "Colonialism in the modern and contemporary history of international relations", "problems of war and peace in the history of public opinion" (L.N.Eremin), "nationalism and international relations in modern times" (A.S.Medyakov), "the history and theory of Western European integration" (N.N.Naumova), "crisis and conflict in the history of international relations", "the role of ideology in international relations" (R.A.Setov), "the evolution of the global economy and international relations" (S.A.Solov'ev), "the global economy and international relations in the postwar period: problems of interrelation and interdependence" (A.A.Sidorov), "the factor of military power in the history of the international relations" (V.I.Terekhov), "the formation of a concept of national interests in the foreign policy of Europe and America during early bourgeois revolutions" (M.O.Troyanovskaya), "concepts of international law and principles of foreign policy in modern times" (E.I.Fedosova). Within the framework of a concentration in political science the following special courses are offered: "objects and methods of political science research" (Y.N.Rogulev, V.G.Vasenin), "theory and practice of world revolution in interwar Europe (20's-30's of the 20th century)" (A.Y.Vatlin), "problems of political leadership: theories and methods of research" (G.Ch.Moiseev), "authoritarian and totalitarian regimes of the 20th century" (A.I.Patrushev), "the State and economy in the 20th century" (S.A.Solov'ev), "comparative political science of European and American countries" (A.V.Tyrsenko).

A variety of thematic and regional geographical problems are reflected in the work of more than eighty proseminars in the department. All teachers and academic employees perform the management of preparation of course and degree works.

New textbooks and manuals for universities are prepared. Among them: "Contemporary Historiography of European and American Countries" (v.1, 1990), "Contemporary History of Latin American Countries" (A.I.Stroganov, 1995), "Contemporary History of European and American Countries (1918-1945). A lecture course" (E.F.Yaz'kov, 1998, 2000), "Contemporary Historiography of European and American Countries" (v.2, 2000), "History of Western European Integration. A Manual" (N.N.Naumova, G.N.Kaninskaya, 1998), "Documents on the History of the Great French Revolution" (v.1, 1990; v.2, 1992). Further published in the department: the textbook for 10th grade high school students "The World in the Beginning of the 20th century. 1898-1918. Materials for the Course 'Modern History'" (1992); "The World in the First Half of the 20th Century, 1918-1945. Materials for the Course 'Contemporary History'" (1994); "The World in the 20th Century. Textbook for 11th grade students of general educational establishments" (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000); "From the Middle Ages to Modern Time: An Experimental Textbook for 8th grade students" (together with the department of Medieval history, 1997); the manual for non-history specialists "General history" (O.V.Dmitrieva, A.S.Manykin, S.V.Novikov, 1999).

The following new textbooks and manuals are currently (in 2001) in production: "Modern History of European and American Countries. The First Period", "Modern History of European and American Countries. The Second Period", "Contemporary History of European and American Countries" (1-11). The work "Intro to the Theory of International Relations" has been handed over to the publishing house for printing.

The fundamental directions of the department's academic work are connected to the historiography of modern and contemporary history, the history of national and international socio-political movements, to the study of the evolution of the party-political systems, social-political processes, to the analysis of the condition of public consciousness and ideology in advanced capitalist countries, and to the history and theory of the international relations and to political science.

Among the concrete directions of the department's research are "national movements in early modern history", "the spiritual world of Europe in modern history" (V.S.Bondarchuk), "history of the Enlightenment" (N.M.Meshcheryakova), "the formation of the ideology of British imperialism" (L.N.Eremin), "public opinion and English culture of the 18th century" (E.A.Makarova), "the socio-political struggle over the socio economic role of the state in interwar England" (S.A.Solov'ev), "ideological processes in Germany at the end of the 19th-early 20th century" (A.I.Patrushev), "Germany 1918-1945" (M.I.Orlova), "the history of the German working movement" (A.Y.Vatlin), "public consciousness and daily life of German society under fascism" (T.Y.Timofeeva), "the history of 19th century German nationalism", "foreign policy of the Austrian Hungarian Empire in the second half of the 19th century", "international relations and Central Europe in the second half of the 19th century" (A.S.Medyakov), "Italy in the 20th century", "Gramsci and the USSR" (I.V.Grigor'eva), "problems of totalitarianism and fascism" (L.S.Belousov), "the crisis of absolutism and the French ruling elite of the 17th century" (L.A.Pimenova), "the struggle between the revolution and counterrevolution under the Thermidor and the Directory" (D.Y.Bovykin), "the history of liberalism in France", "foreign policy of France in the first half of the 19th century" (E.I.Fedosova), "law in postwar France" (N.N.Naumova), "history of the 5th French Republic", "problems of political leadership" (G.Ch.Moiseev), "contemporary French history" (V.P.Smirnov), "the national question and democratic movements in Catalonia" (N.V.Kirsanova), "the 500 year opening of America and new tendencies in modern historiography" (E.E.Litavrina), "populism in Latin America" (O.N.Dokuchaeva), "Andean countries in the interwar period" (O.I.Poskonina), "a political portrait of E.K.Venizelos" (T.V.Nikitina), "theory and history of international relations", "the formation and development of a system of international relations" (A.S.Manykin), "the history of 20th century international relations" (V.N.Gorokhov).

Among the works published by the department in recent years, it is necessary to mention such noteworthy works as the series devoted to the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution: "The Peasantry and the French Revolution. 1789-1794" (A.V.Ado, 1987); "The Bourgeoisie and the French Revolution" (1989), "The Nobility on the Eve of the French Revolution" (L.A.Pimenova, 1986); "Traditions of the French Revolution in the Ideological - Political Life of France. 1789-1985" (V.P.Smirnov, V.S.Poskonin, 1991).

Among the monographic works written by the department's staff are the following: "The Enlightenment in England" (under the editorship of N.M.Meshcheryakova, 1991), "The Neapolitan Revolution 1647-1648" (V.S.Bondarchuk, 1994), "Gaullism in opposition" (N.N.Naumova, 1991), "The Schismatic World of Max Weber" (A.I.Patrushev, 1992), "Felians. At the Source of French Liberalism" (A.V.Tyrsenko, 1999), "Mussolini: Dictatorship and Demagogue" (L.S.Belousov, 1993), "The Italian Working Class Under Fascism" (L.S.Belousov, 1996), "The Mussolini Regime and the Masses" (L.S.Belousov, 2000).

The department's international contacts are wide and diverse. Its staff has participated with papers at conferences, colloquium, seminars, and have read lectures in the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Poland and Argentina. Staff members, postgraduates and students have traditionally studied or conducted research in the countries of their specialization. Annually, professors from American and European Universities give lectures and conduct research in the department. Further, the department prepares and graduates students and postgraduate students from countries across the world.

* * *

Since 1977 the department of modern and contemporary history of Western European and American countries has operated a laboratory of American studies, developing subjects connected to the study of American political history and ensuring the educational process within the framework of a specialization in the history of the United States. In connection with the cancellation of the course on the American party-political system in second half 90's a significant number of the department's staff members have begun to become engaged in various aspects of the theory of international relations, first of all, America's role in the system of the international relations.

Over the last 10 years the following lectures have been offered on the USA: "the New Deal of F.D.Roosevelt" (E.F.Yaz'kov), "the history of the American two-party system" (A.S.Manykin), and "American policy in the countries of the third world. 1945-1990" (E.N.Glazunova). The laboratory of American history's staff members V.I.Terekhov and A.S.Manykin, together with the many experts of the faculty of law, have participated in the preparation of special courses: "the principle of the division of power: history and present", "Federalism: theory and practice".

For 27 consecutive years the department of Modern and Contemporary history has offered students specializing in American history the opportunity to listen to lectures from Fullbright scholars in the faculty of history on various issues and periods of American history. The history of American political parties, problems of plantation slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the history of the party-political struggle during the Progressive era and New Deal are just a few of the subjects that have been covered in lectures. Further, special proseminars have been offered on problems of the colonial period, "Jacksonian democracy" and also on the history of labor movements, the civil rights movement, on the constitutional and economic history of USA, and on the history of American 20th century culture. The participants of the Fullbright lecture program in the faculty of history were historians from the United States. Among them was the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize Leon Litvac; expert in the history of the American Civil War and Reconstruction Erik Foner; one of the founders and most outstanding researchers of the school of modern social history Darret Ratmen; a bright representative of the ethno-cultural school of American historiography Robert Kelly; the author of the original concept "Jacksonian democracy" Edward Pessen; and expert in the labor and trade-union movement David Browdin.

Over the last decade the laboratory has published a number of collective works: "Problems in American History" (Volume VIII "Conservatism in the USA: the Past and Present"; volume IX - "The 'Concept' of American Exceptionalism: Ideology, Politics, Culture"; volume "Liberal Traditions in the USA and its Creators"). Four issues of "Dialogue of Russian and American Historians on Problems of American History" have been published in English in the United States. Collections of materials from conferences organized by the Association for the study of the United States of America have also been published: "The Historical Image of America" (1994), "American Society on the Threshold of the 21st century" (1996), "F.D.Roosevelt's New Deal, The Importance For the USA and Russia" (1996), "The United States and the Outside World" (1997), "Russian American Historians in Search of New Approaches" (1998), "The USA: the Foundation and Development of National Tradition and National Character" (1999).

Over the past few years the laboratory's staff has published the following monographs: "The American Two-Party System During the 'Gilded Century' (last quarter of the 19th century)" (L.V.Baibakova, 1996), "The Era of the Democrats" (A.S.Manykin, 1991).

Among the concrete directions of the laboratory's research are: "the history of American foreign policy in the 'third world' after the Second World War" (E.N.Glazunova), "industrial democracy in the USA" (Y.N.Rogulev), "the concept of national interests in American foreign policy (end of the 18th - first quarter of the 19th cc.)" (M.O.Troyanovskaya), "history of American business and foreign policy in the second half of the 20th century"; "international economic relations in the 'cold war' era" (A.A.Sidorov), "political parties and American foreign policy of the 1960s" (R.A.Setov), "mass democratic movements in the USA in the first half of the 19th c." (V.I.Terekhov), "American political history on the verge of the 19th and 20th centuries" (L.V.Baibakova), "new English Puritanism of the 17th century" (I.Y.Khruleva).

In 1995, at the initiative of historians specializing in American history at MSU, an association was created, uniting more 100 American specialists in Russian institutes of higher education. From the moment of the Association's creation its chairman has been E.F.Yaz'kov, and its academic secretary A.S.Manykin.

* * *

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Fund for the study of the USA was established at Moscow State University in the faculty of history in the department of modern and contemporary history by order of the rector of Moscow university from January 23, 1998 and by contract for long-term multilateral cooperation between MSU and the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (USA) located in Hyde Park, New York. The overall objectives of the Fund include assistance to Russian-American intercultural cooperation, perfection and development of the study of American history, culture and society at Moscow State University, and the organization of joint Russian-American discussions on urgent public and scientific problems.

A major direction of this cooperation is the realization of the academic and educational programs of the Fund.

The Fund houses an interdisciplinary academic library containing American publications and collections of documentary films, computers for the use of the Internet, and equipment for demonstrating films. The Fund's short term development plans for academic activities include purchasing unpublished archival materials for Russian researchers, and also special equipment for reading microfiche and microfilm, expansion of opportunities for work on the Internet for academic research and in the educational process.

Other directions of the Fund's activities are the assistance to developing academic and public contact between our countries. The fund allocates a Roosevelt grant for academic exchange programs for Russian students, post-graduate students, and teachers in the USA and organizes visits from American academic and public figures to Russia.

Several American exchange students have already visited MSU through the program. Further, American historians such as W.Lahtenberg (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and professor A.Brinkly (Columbia University) have already given lectures and participated in meetings with Russian representatives of the academic community.

The Fund is located in room 669 in the 1st humanitarian building.