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Residing in Russia

Visa Requirements

Foreigners wishing to visit or temporarily reside in Russia are required to petition for a VISA from the Russian Embassy or Consulate in their native country. For future students of the History Faculty at Moscow State University, an invitation on your behalf will be prepared and forwarded to you. This invitation (in which the dates of your planned arrival and departure are noted) must be forwarded to a proper representative agency (along with your international passport and any necessary fees); a list of representative agencies may be acquired through the information hotline of the Russian Embassy. The entry visa will be mailed to you.

Upon arriving in Moscow, the student must report to the University where the appropriate registration documents will be waiting. It is necessary for a visa holder to register his/her visa with the Russian Government and to indicate a place of temporary residence within three days after arriving. Most often, students elect to reside in student housing on the University campus. If a students wishes to have student housing made available to him/her, it is necessary to inform the History Faculty some weeks prior to one's arrival.

Visa registration is contingent on the payment of tuition fees (i.e. the student may expect to be registered only through the period of his/her intended tenure). If a student chooses to pay tuition by the semester, the student may only be registered through the end date of that semester. Failure to pay necessary fees may result in the revoking of residency privileges.

Travelling While in Russia

Students living in Russia on a Student Visa are free to travel within Russia without any extra documentation.

Students wishing to travel abroad must petition to the University for an Exit Visa, on which the intended dates of departure and return are indicated. Students should budget at least two weeks for the completion of this process and receipt of the Exit Visa. Students are encouraged to plan any foreign travel for periods of holiday (i.e. during the winter and summer breaks); the Faculty may reserve the right to reject a student's petition for an Exit Visa on the grounds of its interference with the academic program.

Moscow is a recognized center of mass transportation and there are daily flights, trains and bus routes to and from most anywhere in the world. Students are welcome to accent their educational experience with travel, and the History Faculty and University make efforts to provide students with interesting and affordable travel opportunities to points both in and outside of Russia. Moscow State University's STAR (Student Travel and Recreation) agency offers regular trips and tours to major European and Near Asian centers, as well as facilitating a number of recreational areas in and around Moscow.

Leaving Russia

Upon completion of the academic program, the student's visa will expire. Students planning to return home or travel to another country must make plans to this effect prior to the expiration of the visa. A student must depart before or on the day of the visa's expiration.

As in cases of travel, the student must petition for an Exit Visa from Russia at least two weeks prior to his/her departure.