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Application process

A standard application form is available on the MSU site. It is to be filled and sent to the Faculty's e-mail address, together with an updated curriculum vitae, a brief project proposal and a scanned copy of the relevant pages of the applicant's foreign passport (the ones containing the photo and the passport's main data). Deadline: Two months prior to the beginning of each semester.

List of documents necessary to draw the contract
for studying at the History Faculty of MSU

1. The original document confirming the obtained level of education, indicating the qualification (or degree) and supplemented by the list of the undertaken courses and the received marks. This document should bear the apostil (for citizens of those states which have signed the Hague convention of 1961) or be legalized in an authorized way.

2. Two copies of this document, attested by a Russian notary.

3. Two copies of the translation of this document into Russian, attested by a Russian notary.

4. A document confirming the recognition and the equivalency of the awarded diploma (to be received in the MSU main building, sector "G", room 101).

5. Certificate of successful graduation from MSU's Centre of International Education, or from a preparatory department of another Russian institute of higher learning (for those who have already studied in Russia).

6. Certificate of the results of testing in Russian language (to be received in the 2nd Humanities' Building of MSU, room 817).

7. A valid health certificate (Form 0.86) allowing the bearer to study in the Russian Federation, and at the History Faculty in particular (to be received in the MSU clinic  222, upon the official request from the Faculty's International Office).

8. Foreign passport with a valid Russian visa.

9. Migration card received when entering Russia.

10. A valid mark of residence registration (for those who have already studied in Russia).

11. Twelve black and white, mat, 3 × 4 photographs of same type.

The fulfillment of art. 1, 8-11 of this list is a prerequisite for drawing up the contract. Art. 2-7 are to be fulfilled later, in the time-frame of the entry-visa or of the residence registration.