IV Russian-Dutch Workshop
"Work Incentives in Russia
n Industry, 1861-2000:
Compensation, Commitment and Coercion"

Yaroslavl, October 3-6, 2001

Workshop Programme
Thursday, October 4

Opening session.


9:00. Jan Lucassen (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam - IISH).

Recent Developments in the International Institute of Social History.


Session I

Chair: Jan Lucassen


9:30. Timur Valetov (Moscow State University - MSU).

Social Conditions as a Work Incentive at N.N.Konshin Textile Manufacture in the Beginning of the 20th Century.

            Discussant: I.Shilnikova.

10:15. Yulia Smirnova (Yaroslavl State University - YaSU) and Irina Shilnikova

(Documentation Centre for Contemporary History of Yaroslavl Region - DCCHYaR).

Punishment as the Mode of Labor Stimulation of Yaroslavl Textile Workers (the Second Half of 19th century -Beginning of 20th Centuries).

            Discussant: L.Borodkin.


11:00. Coffee-break.

11:20. Irina Shilnikova (YaSU).

Wages in the System of Labor Stimulation of the YaBM Textile Workers in the Early 20th Century.

            Discussant: T.Valetov.

12:05. Andrey Markevich (Institute for Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences - IRH RAS).

Labor Stimuli During the World War I at the Guzhon Factory.

            Discussant: Yu.Smirnova.


13:00. Lunch

Session II.

Chair:  Leonid Borodkin


14.15. Andrey Sokolov and Victoria Tyazhelnikova (IRH RAS).

Attitude to Labor and Labor Ethics of the Russian Workers. Case Study and Historical Context. Part I (to the Middle of the 1930s).

            Discussants: L.Borodkin, Yu.Yerusalimsky.

15:00. Sergey Bychkov (Tver State University - TSU).

General and Specific in Methods of Forming Labor Motives in Pre-Revolutionary and Soviet Russia (Based on the Materials of the Tver Carriage-Building Factory in 1918-1928.

            Discussant: I.Garskova. 

15:45. Coffee-break

16:05. Yurii Yerusalimsky (YaSU).

Labor Motivation of Yaroslavl Region Textile Workers (the End of 1920s - Beginning of 1930s).

            Discussant: E.Safonova.

16:50. Alexey Miryasov. (Penza State University).

Work Incentives at Penza Enterprises in 1920s-1930s: Evidence from the Regional Archive.

            Discussant: M.Mukhin.

17:35. Yurii Kiryanov (IRH RAS).

Work Incentives of Industrial Workers in Pre-Revolutionary Russia (the Beginning of 20th Century).

           Discussant: Yu.Yerusalimsky. 

19:00. Dinner.


Friday, October 5


Session III

Chair: Andrey Sokolov


9:00. Leonid Borodkin (MSU).

When Did Soviet Workers' Wages Differentiation Really Reduced?

            Discussant: A.Sokolov.

9:45. Irina Garskova (MSU).

Work Incentives Reflected in the Protocols of General Meetings of the "Sickle and Hammer" Employees (1922-1932).

            Discussant: T.Slavko. 

10:30. Coffee- break.

10:50. Sergey Zhuravlev (IRH RAS).

Comrade Juries and Labor Conflict Commissions at the Electrozavod in the 1930s and Problems of Work Incentives.

            Discussant: T.Slavko.

11:35. Mikhail Mukhin (IRH RAS).

Stimulation of Work During the Industrialisation Drive as It Viewed in Electrozavod.1930-1935.

            Discussant: E.Safonova.

12:20. Tatyana Slavko (TSU).

Socio-Economic Planning and Working Behaviour of Industrial Workers and Empoyees in Russia in the First Five-Year Periods (Based on the Materials of Tver Carriage-Building Factory).

            Discussant: S.Zhuravlev 

13:15. Lunch.


 Session IV

Chair: Lex Heerma van Voss


14:15. Svetlana Togoeva (TSU).

Factors Influencing Work Incentives at the Tver Carriage-Building Factory in 1941-1951.

            Discussant: V.Tyazhelnikova.

15:00. Elena Safonova (Russian State University for Humanities).

Work Incentives at the "Proletarskaya Pobeda" Textile Factory, 1930s-1960s:  Preliminary Results of Oral History Research.

            Discussant: S.Zhuravlev. 

15:45. Coffee-break.

16:05. Alexandra Rostchina (Moscow City Archive).

Labor Motivation at the "Serp i Molot" Factory in the Mirror of Press in the Afterwar Period.

            Discussant: S.Togoeva.

16:50. Victoria Tyazhelnikova (IRH RAS).

Compulsion and Compensation in Motivation of Labor at the "Serp i Molot" Factory. 1955-1975.

Discussant: S.Afontsev. 

17:35. Coffee-break.

17:55. Sergey Afontsev (Institute for World Economy and International Relations, RAS).

Do Money Matter? Evidence From Russia's 1990s.

            Discussant: A.Sokolov. 

18:40-19:10. Jan Lucassen (IISH). Conclusion Remarks.


20:00. Conference Dinner.