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Center for Ukrainian and Belorussian Studies
Faculty of History, Moscow Lomonosov State University

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Center for Ukrainian and Belorussian Studies was created in 1991 and is affiliated to the Chair of Southern and Western Slavs at the History Faculty of the Moscow Lomonossov State University. Prof. M.Dmitriev has been Center's director since 1991.

Center's main task is twofold: a) to promote research in the area of Ukrainian and Belorussian History; b) to teach lecture courses and seminar courses on Ukraine's and Belorussia's history.

Center's reseach projects (see below) are focused on Ukrainian and Belorussian Christianity in the XVth - XVIIth centuries.

You can find more details and information on the Russian speaking site of our Center.

Contacts: dmitriev @ and dmitrievm @

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