Russia and Western Countries:
Economic Relations Before World War I
and the Problem of their Restoration in the 1920s

(October 25-26, 2002, Moscow)

International Workshop

Moscow State University
Faculty of History. Room 524


October 25, 2002

10:00—10:20. Opening Session.

Session I. International Relations: Political and Financial Aspects

Session Ia

10:20—10:50. Ignat'ev A.V. Political Background for Economic Relations between Russia and the other Entente Powers before 1914.
10:50—11:20. Straus A. The International Distribution of public Russian Debt in the beginning of the 20th century.

11:20—11:35. Coffee break (room 654).

Session Ib

11:35—12:05. Roudaja E.N. Soviet Russia during the International Conference of Genoa 1922.
12:05—12:35. Lobanova E.V. French Press of the 1920s on the Problem of Russian Debt.
12:35—13:05. Petrov Y.A. The Alliance of the Defeated: the Pre-War Indebtedness and the Problem of Restoration of the Economic Relations Between Russia and Germany (from 1917 to the 1920s).

13:05—13:20. Coffee break (room 654).

Session Ic

13:20—13:50. Salomatina S.A. International Correspondent Networks of Russian Banks in Moscow before World War I.
13:50—14:20. Lebedev S.K. The Cooperation of Russian and Western Banking Institutions.
14:20—14:50. Beljaev S.G. Russian-French Financial Relations in the 1910s-1920s.

October 26, 2002

Session II. International Trade and Business

Session IIa

10:00—10:30. Kalmykov S.V. Russian Inside, British Outside: an Attempt of Russians to Penetrate into the European Business Structures on the Eve of World War I . The Case of the Russian General Oil Corporation and the Russian Tobacco Company.
10:30—11:00. Sartor W. International and multinational companies in the Russian Empire.
11:00—11:30. Borodkin L.I. Factors of St. Petersburg Stock Market Dynamics in the Beginning of 20th century: Role of European Stock Markets.

11:30—11:45. Coffee break (room 654).

Session IIb

11:45—12:15. Potkina I.V. Property of the Foreign Companies in Russia: Legislation and Practice (1880–1920s).
12:15—12:45. Shatsillo M. The Emigrant Entrepreneurs from Russia after the 1917 Revolution: a Problem of Adaptation to Different Economic Environments.
12:45—13:15. Shpotov B.M. The Contribution of American Manufacturing Companies to the Soviet Industrialization, 1928—1933.

13:15—13:30 Coffee break (room 654).

Session IIc

13:30—14:00. Gregory P. The Soviet Archives as a Source of Information on Soviet Trade Policy.
14:00—14:30. Nautz J. Foreign Trade between Austria and Soviet Russia.
14:30—15:00. Afontsev S.A. Communist Transition and the Structure of Russian Trade with the West.