Elena V. Lobanova
Entrepreneurial Behavior of a 17th century Russian Landlord (on the Material of the Patrimonial Archive of Boyar B.I.Morozov),
in: Ekonomicheskaja istorija. Ezhegodnik (Economic Hystory. Yearbook). 2001, Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2002, p.7-24.

The goal of this research is to revise a concept of the Russian aristocracy, which declined in the 17th century. The article focuses on the progressive entrepreneurial behavior of boyar B.I.Morozov in the mid-17th century. This case is of particular interest, because Morozov's household's everyday life was typical for the period and clearly reflected basic Russian social and economic tendencies. Boyar Morozov had a strong position in trade, usury and development of industry in that period. He belonged to a new landowner type, whose requirements were not satisfied with the traditional agricultural income.