Andrei D. Kuzmitchev
Scientific-based Industrial Management in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. Essays of Development,
in: Ekonomicheskaja istorija. Ezhegodnik (Economic Hystory. Yearbook). 2001, Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2002, p.377-396.

The article describes the fates of several famous figures that were involved in the theory and practice of scientific-based industrial management in Russia. The ideas of some famous Russian specialists in management (N.Charnovsky, O.Ermanskiy, N.Vitke, I.Shpilreyn, etc.) appeared to be on par with the ideas of well-known foreign entrepreneurs, such as F.Taylor, H.Ford, A.Fayol, and H.Emerson. The history of soviet scientific-based management and its apologists, however, was tragic: their humanistic ideas became an ideological weapon of the Soviet system, they were used for proving such mythical ideas as the possibility of contest between capitalism and socialism, the necessity for "udarnichestvo" (unpaid overtime work), and for "socialist competition".