Alexander V. Dmitriev
"The New Emeralds Company" in the Urals (1899-1915),
in: Ekonomicheskaja istorija. Ezhegodnik (Economic Hystory. Yearbook). 2001, Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2002, p.62-78.

The article is devoted to a previously unstudied Anglo-French company that rented the largest emerald deposit in Russia and Europe at the beginning of the XX century. The paper is based on new evidence from the archives. It investigates the organization's structure, the company's finances, its' relationship with the deposit's owner (His Imperial Majesty's Cabinet) with creditors, and with purchasers of cut emeralds. The study reveals reasons for the discontent of local inhabitants who had long extracted the emeralds manually, abiding by the measures that the government took to regulate the exploitation of the deposit.