The Center for Theoretical Problems in the Historical Sciences


In response to the ever changing needs within the academic environment, with the intent of further developing the studying process, as well as improving the effectiveness of the educational-methodological and scientific research of students, post-graduates and the entire professor-teacher collective, the faculty of history’s academic counsel introduced to the structure of the faculty on 17 February 1997, a new subdivision:  The Informational-Analytical Center For Theoretical Problems in the Historical Sciences.

            The need to organize the new structure within the framework of Moscow State University was necessitated by the rapid advancement of the historical sciences in Russia, and furthermore, by the position which Moscow State University’s history faculty  occupies, as the center of university history faculties in the Russian Federation.

            Theoretical problems of the historical science, undisputedly occupy a more and more substantial place in the practice and preparation of highly qualified and specialized historians.  These circumstances, determined by the difficult process which has been taking it’s course in the Russian historical science for the last ten years, and in world historical practices throughout the 20th century have promoted an entire series of theoretical tendencies, which for many years were inaccessible  to, and therefore not used in Russian sciences since the tremendous achievements in Russian science and education of pre-Revolutionary Russian historical-theoretical thought, and theoretical-historical thoughts of Russian emigrant historians. 

            Creating in  Moscow State University’s history faculty an informational analytical center for the theoretical problems of history is called for, to accumulate new achievements in the realms of the theory of historical knowledge and to promote the maximum indoctrination in the practice of teaching in Moscow State University’s history faculty, unite the effort of specialists in the realm of the theory of history in higher education and in The Russian Academy of Sciences.  Further, to unite methodology with education in the University history faculties of the Russian Federation, relying on the wealth and experience of the history faculty and other humanitarian faculties of Moscow State University. 


The task of this structure includes:


-The generalization of Russian and world experience in the sphere of the theory of historical   knowledge;


-The systematic publication of information and analytical material, illuminating the modern trends in worldwide theoretical-historical thought;


-Preparation of general and special courses on the problems of the theories and methodologies of history, theoretical problems of modern world historiography, the modern structure of historical knowledge (epistemology), historical schools and directions; 


-Generalization of world and of Russian experience in the sphere of the application in historical research the theory and methods of adjacent humanitarian disciplines, the maximal introduction in the practice of teaching of theoretical problems of the modern historical science of multi-disciplined approaches;


-Preparation of staff in the framework of postgraduates of the faculty in the sphere of the methodology of history.