Full-text editions of historical sources
on the history of Russia (in Russian)
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Collection of electronic resources on history
from the library of historical sources
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Up to the 19th century

Old Russian literature.
Including the Povest Vremenykh Let (the basic Russian Chronichle) (translation in modern Russian).

Literary translations of Zadonshina and The Legend on the Mamay Battle,
and also a large selection of literature on The Tale on Igor's Campaign
on Sergei Fatushkins site ( http://www.chat.ru/~old_rus2/ ).

19th century

Library of the project "1812" - recollections of the Russian-French War of 1812.

Library Museum of the Decembrists documents concerning the Decembrist insurrection of 1825.

The works by P.Ya.Chaadaev on the site of the political organization Yabloko..

20th century

Texts on Russian liberalism on the site of the political organization Yabloko.
Including the collection of articles Vekhi.

Programs of political parties in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century can be found on the site of the International Historical Journal
http://www.history.machaon.ru/number_03/projects/index.html and

A selection of texts about the Russian Revolution are on Oleg Kolesnikovs site.

Several sources on Russian history are on a site with documents on the history of Finland.

Several documents on the history of the USSR are on the site Soviet Zone

Laws and decrees on the site for the Association of Victims of Political Repression of Eastern Siberia and the Town Irkutsk.

Documents on the history of repression in the USSR, established on the sites of the organisation Memorial
International organisation of Memorial (Moscow) ( http://www.memo.ru/ ):
    A large selection of the above on the history of Soviet punitive agencies;
    Texts of the first 27 editions (1968-1972) of Chronical of Current Events -
    informational bulletin of defenders of rights.
Krasnoyarsk organisation of Memorial ( http://www.memorial.krsk.ru/ ):
    A large selection of documents on the history of the repression 1922-1960.;
    Memories and letters of the repressed.
Krasnoyarsk organisation of Memorial ( http://kazan.memo.ru/ ):
    Documents on repression in Tatarskaya ASSR 1937-1938.
Krasnoyarsk organisation of Memorial ( http://www.memorial.ru/ ).

Several documents on the history of Soviet Belarus on the site Minsk Leaflet

The Soviet-German agreement of 1939 on the site Katyn

Texts of the electronic library "VIVOS VOCO!"
( http://vivovoco.nns.ru/ ):
    The report to the peoples commissar of internal affairs on the work of the GULAG at the time of the War (17/08/44),
    Russian and foreign constitutions and constitutional projects
in the section Fundamental Laws.

Texts (zip-archived) on the site Common Text ( http://text.net.ru/ ):
N.S.Khrushchev. Memoirs (in 4 books).
   Book 1.    (The same text in Maxim Moshkov's Library).
   Book 2.
   Book 3.
   Book 4.

Informational canal of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, with accepted laws and reports.

Materials, published in the electronic versions of historical journals

The electronic journal The World of History

Pay electronic distributed Russian historical journals (1998-2000).

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