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Department of Russian History to the beginning of the Nineteenth Century
The Faculty of History at Moscow State University

Anton Gorsky

А.А. Горский

Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor

Anton Gorsky is a member of the faculty since 2002. In 1985-2005 and from 2010 to present – fellow of the Institute of Russian history of Russian Academy of Sciences. Executive editor of the journal "Medieval Russia" (in 1996). Laureate of the prize named after V. O. Klyuchevsky of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2006 (for the book "Russia: From the Slavic Settlement to the Moscow Kingdom"). Member of the dissertation Council of Russian history of historical faculty of Moscow state University.
Author of about 200 works on Russian history of the middle Ages and early modern times.

Major works:

E-mail: Gor-ks @ yandex.ru.